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How to Maintain Residential Door Locks

How to Maintain Residential Door Locks

How to Maintain Residential Door Locks

residential door locksHow to Properly Maintain Your Residential Door Locks

The locks on your doors play a vital role in keeping your belongings safe and secure; therefore, it’s necessary to maintain them regularly.

Consider that they protect you against burglary, and add aesthetic value to your door.

Therefore, it is critical that every homeowner learns how to take good care of their house door locks. In this article, we feature important tips for keeping your house locks in good shape. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Make Sure that the Door Hangs Properly

The lock will perform well only if the door is hung properly. A door that is properly prepared for the lock is the bottom-line for a lasting door. If the door sags or binds, it will place a huge amount of pressure on the lock bolt and the latch.

This might lead to a failure of the lock in the near future. Therefore, contact a qualified locksmith to make sure your house door hangs properly and lends appropriate space to your locks.

  1. Check the Door Screws and the Strike Plates

Does the screw that secures the top hinge to the doorframe connect the door to the wall framing appropriately? At least one of the screws on the top hinge should be long enough to connect the door to the wall framing.

This will keep the door from sagging and increases the break-in resistance. It is also an important undertaking to help protect the door locks.

  1. Are the Deadlatch and Deadbolt Working Appropriately?

When the door is closed, the deadlatch should fall on the strike plate. This feature is important in modern entry locks and they function correctly only when there is proper alignment to the strike plate.

  1. Clean and Lubricate the Door Locks Regularly

The door locks require regular cleaning to function appropriately. Use a mild detergent when cleaning the locks.

It is also important that you contact a qualified locksmith for door locks cleaning and lubrication as well. Cleaning and lubricating are the most overlooked door lock maintenance practices.

Maintain your Residential Door Locks with Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles

Through the above good practices, you can rest assured that your residential door locks will work properly. Contact Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles today for the best residential door locks maintenance.