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4 Signs That You Should Change the Locks on Your Door

4 Signs That You Should Change the Locks on Your Door

4 Signs That You Should Change the Locks on Your Door

change door locks4 Signs That Suggest You Should Change Door Locks Right Away

Locks on residential, commercial and automotive doors are intended to safeguard the property from theft and burglary. It is therefore important that you ensure these locks are in peak functioning condition.

In this article, we enlighten you on some of the signs that indicate you should change the locks. Here are the top signs that you should consider hiring a professional locksmith in Los Angeles to offer you a lock change.

  1. You are Experiencing Difficulties Unlocking or Locking the Locks

When you begin experiencing difficulties opening or locking the locks, this is a top sign that it’s time you consider a lock change. The locks that seem difficult to unlock are almost worn out and a security risk you ought to look at immediately.

Often, it is because of rust or corrosion on the lock pins and hence, it becomes a lot harder when you are locking the door. Soon, the parts with rust will begin to fall apart and expose you to the danger of burglary in your own business, residential property or vehicle.

When the locks begin to have difficulties while unlocking, it means that the locks will soon jam and you will be locked out. To avoid these two scenarios of burglary or lock out from occurring, consider a professional lock change.

  1. Misplaced Keys

When you or one of your employees misplace the keys to the main office door, consider changing the locks immediately. This is a serious security threat that might lead to loss of business documents or other valuable assets.

The same applies when you have lost the house keys. You never know who might pick up the keys. So long as you have misplaced the keys, it is important that there is a replacement of locks done as soon as possible.

  1. In Case of a Burglary

Whenever you have experienced a burglary, whether a successful incident or a failed attempt. You need to consider changing the locks to your business door, the residential door or even the car door. The criminals might be planning a comeback, so to avoid loss of property, make sure you change door locks asap.

  1. A Disgruntled Employee Has Resigned

Although it’s advisable you change the locks after employees have left, in some instances you might not have to. However, one scenario where you shouldn’t even think of leaving the locks unchanged is in the case of a disgruntled employee who has left your office. Make sure you change door locks under such a circumstance as you never know if the employee could return hostile.

Consider hiring a Professional Locksmith

The sooner you change that lock, the quicker you’ll have peace of mind about the whole thing. If you don’t know a whole lot about locks or how to properly install them, contact Quick Safe and Keys Services Los Angeles today. We can change your lock and replace it for you the same day so you save time and money.