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Keyless Locks

Tired of losing your keys or getting locked out of your house or business? With today’s fast paced life, nobody has time to look around for lost keys which most likely you wont find then and there. This is why most business/home owners have switched over to a keypad system. You can’t duplicate a keypad system like you can with a regular lock and key. For instance, an ex-employee, friend, or relative who no longer needs access to your home or business, can easily make a copy of the key without anybody having to know. In such situations, you will have to go through a whole new process of changing or rekeying all over again. This is where keypad systems come into place.


  • Do you want to operate the door with a remote control? And if so, how many?
  • Do you want it to run electrical or battery powered?
  • Are some doors for customers/employees only?
  • Check the doors. Are they made of wood, steel, aluminum, or glass?
  • Are they designated as fire doors?
  • Any garage doors or parking lot gates to control?


  • A keypad system is a simple security system that does not require keys. It just uses a simple access code that usually pertains a 4 to 6-digit code containing numbers/letters resembling a phone.
  • Furthermore, keypad locks are available as individual locks or larger security systems for residences and businesses.
  • The neat thing about it is that once the code is inserted correctly, it will make some type of noise. Thereby indicating that you can open the door.
  • There are no restrictions as to how many times you can change your access code. Although some keypad locks vary on the way you can change your code.
  • Larger installations may include more than one site.
  • An access control system that can be operated over a network. This lets you manage the security at all your locations from a central point.
  • Using a key fob transmitter for remote control access to your home. This introduces a whole new dimension to your home security system.
  • Additionally, you can unlock the door and turn on the porch lights as you walk up the pathway or pull up into the driveway.
  • For a minor investment of around $100, you can provide a security feature for your loved ones; that is priceless.
  • You can also add voice activation to your key system.
  • Individual locks contain all of the hardware and controls of the lock in a single unit while larger locks draw power from anywhere in the building/house.
  • Regardless of whether the lock is part of a security system or not. The actual lock mechanism works by needing a small electrical current to release the lock bolt.
  • Whatever type of door you’re looking to automate, there is a solution for you.

Choose your Keypad:

Keypads can vary greatly. Some have a key pad with small selection of numbers/letters. Others have a full 12- button keypad similar to those found on phones. When the code is entered incorrectly, it will prevent the door from unlocking for 15 minutes. When the lock is entered correctly, a tone or other sound indicates that the lock has been disengaged.

Changing Codes:

For security, keypad locks allow users to change the codes used to unlock them to new codes of their choosing. The method by which codes are changed depends upon the lock manufacturer and whether the lock is a stand-alone model. Or if it’s part of a larger security system. You can change the keypad lock as many times as you’d like, there are no restrictions.

Powering Locks:

Since keypads require power to operate having a power source available is very important. Individual locks that are not part of a larger system often use standard batteries as a power source and must be changed periodically to ensure continued operation. Some large security systems often draw their power from the security itself. Although some may use batteries as a back up power source. They designed the locks so that disabling their power source does not open them; without power they remain locked.

Keypad Systems by Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles

If you’re in the market for a new keypad system, you’re in luck because Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles has many systems in stock that can keep your house safe and secure. Our technicians can install them for you the same day you call in, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time.