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8 Smart Locks to Secure Your Home This Holiday Season

8 Smart Locks to Secure Your Home This Holiday Season

8 Smart Locks to Secure Your Home This Holiday Season

smart locksSecure Your Home With These 8 Smart Locks

Having a good lock on your door is a sign that you’ve made a commitment to be safe and secure this holiday season. As we all know, crime is rampant during this time and the people that put off securing their homes are going to be on the receiving end this year.

With the internet being so prevalent, information is accessible to nearly everyone on the planet, and that includes your friendly neighborhood criminals, even the cat down the road is in on the action. Therefore, protect your home and family this holiday season by purchasing one of these 8 amazing locks to put on your door.

Here are the 8 best smart locks to make your home amazingly secure this holiday season:

  • Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth

    • This is a unique smart deadbolt lock that will let you in with a single touch. It is easy to install, has great blunt- force resistance and takes up much less real estate than its competitors.
  • Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt

    • This lock is very customizable and offers a lot of options that help it keep up with some of the better smart locks out there like the Kevo. It comes in three languages It speaks three languages and comes with easy-to-use controls. And it integrates well with many other systems as well.
  • Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

    • This lock stays out of trouble with a low progile design and ability to work with many smart home platforms. However, in order to use the smart home platform, you have to purchase the $50 network module.
  • August Smart Lock, Home- kit enabled

    • This easy-to-install smart lock has it all with a simple interface and awesome performance that leaves the other smart locks in the dust. It integrates very well with Apple’s HomeKit Software and also the Nest platform. However, it isn’t compatible with every deadbolt and the HomeKit can be challenging to get up and running at first.
  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

    • This deadbolt comes with a programmable keypad and a built-in alarm which is unique to any other lock on this list.
  • Friday Lock

    • This remarkable looking lock lets you lock and unlock your doors using Siri voice commands or with a smartphone app. It has some issues with installation and connectivity, however.
  • Schlage Sense

    • This simple, intuitive lock uses Bluetooth and allows you to connect to Apple’s SmartHome system, HomeKit. If you don’t mind sacrificing longer range and compatibility with other devices, this is the lock for you.
  • Lockly Secure Plus

    • This bad boy offers a fingerprint scanner, keyed access, and a keypad for extra security. However, there is no remote access and is incompatible with other smart lock devices. All in all, it is a solid Bluetooth smart door lock that offers many ways to enter your home.

Upgrading to a smart lock nowadays is the smart thing to do as we head into a tech-filled 2020. Don’t be left behind- get an estimate for installing your new lock at Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles